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Top Five Horror Movies Involving Gambling And Casinos.

Everyone loves horror movies because the elements in the movies are kuch relatable to real-life experiences and lifestyles. Such movies which involve horror elements also involve other factors to spice up the movies to add more horrific and cinematic scenes in the movies. Gambling and horror are the perfect combinations for some movies. There are tricky scenes in such movies which have casinos to keep the audience engaged. Let’s discuss horror movies which also have gambling and casinos as their main set theme or a specific scene shot for the movies. You can find reviews of those online slots on

Fright Night

Vampires! Fright Night is a vampire film released in 2011 as a remake of an old vampire film, but both of these movies are different, this movie is about vampire activities in Las Vegas while Jerry who is also a vampire comes in search of human blood in Las Vegas and eventually becomes a successful real-estate trader in Las Vegas. The film revolves around Las Vegas and many casinos are part of this movie because these vampires are rich and love to gamble and fight in these Casinos.

Army Of The Dead

Zombies in Las Vegas! This movie is based in a post-apocalyptic world where a team of people is hired to secure and bring $200 million from a casino in Las Vegas, but this is no easy task as there are zombies everywhere in this world and these creatures are not dumb by the brain but are smart and skilful. Bautista and his team are unaware of the fact that these zombies are intelligent, yet somehow they manage to get inside the Casino. But the fate of the team is not very positive in this movie as the characters are killed one by one till the end of the movie.


This film is one of the most underrated zombie films of all time. Remains is a zombie classic released in 2011, a group of youngsters takes refuge in a casino in Reno, Nevada. The teamwork in the movie is great but not every character of this movie is lucky as in this movie too zombies become strong and intelligent with time runs. There are no possible ways to get out of the casino but still, there are some options which are considered impossible. Watch this movie to find out what happens exactly at the end.

Leprechaun 3

Leprechaun 3 is the third instalment of the Leprechaun franchise. The movie revolves around the casinos in Las Vegas as the devilish Leprechaun is planning to have someone else do his mischievous work and watch the chaos in silence. As the Leprechaun gives his blood to a person who will now have all the powers of the Leprechaun and the mind is corrupted to do evil things along the way as the original Leprechaun wanted. This movie is different from the above-mentioned movies so this one will be quite an experience if you are tired of Zombies and Vampires.

Spirit of the dead

This is an old classic film released in 1968. This movie revolves around a casino, and this place is haunted by a ghost of a horse and a man who died in the plague. The ghost of this movie is unique to watch because of the different spiritual powers used in this movie. The movie was a box office in its time and some horror lovers still suggest this classic to others.

If you are planning to have a horror movie night with a friend or family then these movies are perfect, these movies involve gambling and casinos. The scenes shot in these movies are just great in terms of cinematography and story-wise. Do check these movies for horror and casino element which are mixed extremely well and the audience finds such movies relatable especially gamblers for sure.

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