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Top Five Horror Movie Slots

There are slot games which are inspired by movies, and such slots are known as movie-based slots. But today we are not only going to talk about movie theme-based slot games but to make it more interesting we are going to talk about horror movie slots, these horror movie slots are inspired by international horror movies which are popular and have well-known reputations in their genre.


Dracula is one of the oldest monsters in the horror film industry and has been raising the hearts of people since they arrived on the big screen from historians’ books, of course, they deserve to make their name on this list. NetEnt decided to launch Dracula themes-based slots after getting inspiration from the 1931 famous Dracula, and these slot machines were famous all over North America and Canada and still, they are rolling neatly. Players play on these slots a lot because the return rate is almost 97% which keeps players engaging, and winning seems easy on these slots.

Halloween series

Halloween is a legendary series of movies from the late 70s, and the makers saw huge profits from adding Halloween theme-based slots in stores. Micheal Myers is a famous character who returned and these slots are also being updated now according to the new trilogy. The Halloween slot is slightly larger than the regular slot machines with fifty lines and Halloween slots have some bonus features for the players. With an RTP rate of 95%, players still enjoy playing on these slot machines because of the cinematic experience the machines provide to the players.

Paranormal Activity

All horror movie fans know what kind of horror Paranormal Activity provided when it was released, since then the movie has many merchandise and themes scaled based on movies, slot machines and casinos saw the opportunity too. Paranormal Activity movie theme-based slot machines are available online and offline. Online theme-based slots are available on and offline games can be found in various casinos in Canada and the upper part of America. The use of this slot machine is very much active among the players because of 243 pay lines and lots of bonuses for the players.


We have already talked about Dracula and how we can forget about Vampires! As Draculas, Vampires are also one of the oldest cinematic monsters which had many versions till now. There are many slot machines available online and offline based on Vampires. Players love such slot machines because they feel connected with their favourite characters such as Vampires and Draculas. There are many versions of Vampire Slot machines available based on different locations and movies around Canada. The online version of these games also has different bonuses, and different websites host such games, especially at the time of Halloween and Christmas.


Big monsters deserve big slot machines, yes Frankenstein has a huge reputation in casino games and is one of the most popular themes for slot machines. The character is also one of the legendary monsters in horror movies. Not only in America or Canada but such slots are famous all around the globe with the intensity to win big on these slot machines. These slots are available on both modes online and offline. On average there are 100-140 pay lines on Frankenstein-based slot machines.

These are the most popular slot machines based on horror movies, some of them have existed since the 1960s and still are in use. With time these slot machines are available in online casinos and players still love to play on such slot machines to this day.

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