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Top Ten Zombie-Themed Online Slots That Will Amaze You

Slots machines are the most thrilling games in an online casino. Such slot machines have different kinds of themes which are updated with time or run on the same traditional theme. But in this article, we will discuss Zombie-based slot machines which are the most popular and give you a high chance of winning. These zombie-based slot games are inspired by movies, games, and comics.

Zombie FC

This is the most popular zombie slot machine game. This game is one of the oldest zombie games. Here you can play with real money or you can play free games available. Qora Games developed this Slot machine game. There are 243 pay lines available with amazing bonuses for the players.

Dead beats

You can play this game on Ducky Luck Casino, this is a classic slot machine with some extra features with a three-row system. Wild beats are available with certain combinations which allow you to use some extra spins. There is a free version of this game but it is only available as a demo and for beginners. You can even claim a casino bonus.

Count Spectacular

You can play this game at Las Atlantis Casino. This is also a traditional casino slot machine. This is a Vampire based game but involves man-eating Dracula and Zombies which are dead-minded. The chances of winning are high because there are only 27 lines which allow the players to win big. The machine game was developed by RealTime Gaming a decade ago but still runs the house.

Zombiezee Money

The name says itself, this slot machine game is completely based on zombies and is surrounded by zombies to give players a complete vibe. The RTP rate is 95% because it has only 20 pay lines. You can pay or withdraw with any type of currency even in crypto. Players with cryptocurrency use this machine a lot.

I, Zombie

If you lose then you will become a zombie or you will lose your money. That is why losing is not a wise option in this game. A player in this game has won 50,000% of the withdrawal money. This amazing fact created hype for this slot machine game and attracted many players from all around the world. 

Monster Manor

This online casino is known for having horror movie-based slot machine games. Yes, every type of slot machine in the horror genre will be available on Monster Manor. But the price for different games is different according to the popularity of the slot game. The zombie-based slot machines are famous in Monster Manor.

Zombie Invasion

This is also an online popular zombie slot game in Canada. The game is created by Dragon Gaming and is based on the theme of a city run by zombies. There are two versions available, real and demo versions. The demo version is free but has certain limits but the real version is available to a full extent.

The Mariachi 5

The traditional slot game is very rare but a zombie-based traditional slot game is extremely rare. You can find this game on El-Casino games. There are already four versions of this game but this version is based on zombies from the past.

Winning dead

This game is spanned version of the popular video game series walking dead. This video game is also available on Ducky Luck Casino. This game is based on the story of the walking dead with amazing visuals. There are only 25 pay lines which are why the chances of winning are always high.

Scary Rich

This final game is also available on the Ducky Luck Casino because of the popularity of the zombie scene in the town. This game is developed by Scary Rich gaming. This is a traditional game with 50 pay lines.

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