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Tips And Tricks For Making A Horror Slot

Are you trying to make slot machines for starting your mini-casino or do else want to make an effort to have a Halloween horror slot machine? In this article, we will help you to make a slot, not an ordinary slot but a horror theme-based slot. Firstly you need to make a slot machine or at least have an idea of how to make slot machines. On this site, we will have an idea of how to make a basic slot machine with normal crafting stuff and then we will move on to the main theme and also we will discuss how to make an online horror theme-based slot machine.

Required material for making a slot


Sticks For Stirring Coffee


Casino Stickers



Plastic Tube

Ping Pong Ball

4 Bearings (1 Small, 3 Big)

Rubber Bands.

The process

First of all the whole body will be made up of cardboard. That is why you need to make sure to buy good-quality cardboard to support the mechanism inside the machine. Sticks will play an important role in the whole sequence as they will be the skeleton and most of the inside parts will be made from these sticks.

Important parts to make

  • Spinners – Attach to bearings on the ends of a cylindrical cardboard piece, make sure that this cardboard piece will spin well. Stick stickers on the wheel.
  • Pusher – A pusher will be attached to the spinners and the rest of the main body. This pusher should catch the spinner and should be movable too.
  • Pusher Construction – The pusher Construction will act as the skeleton of the whole machine and this mechanism will be responsible for the whole machine process. Fix the bearing in the centre of the whole structure so the handle can move well.
  • Lock – This mechanism will help the machine to work only when a certain weighted coin will be inserted in the machine or else the handle of the machine cannot move. As the coin will be inserted the machine’s handle will move.
  • Coin collector: Make a box to collect coins, all the inserted coins will be collected in this box. Place the box just below the lock.
  • Make a lever and attach it to the spinner. This lever can be of any material. Sequence the lever well so that only when 7-7-7 will come on the main screen all coins will be dropped.
  • Main body – Make the main body according to the theme and size of other parts inside the slot. Add horror stickers which are available in the market and paint the whole body in black or any dark colour.

Online Slot machine

To make an online slot machine there are a variety of codes available on the internet, choose any code set which will match your theme. To picture for clickers according to the theme or the horror movie you are approaching to consider as a theme.

But to make an online slot, you need to learn the basics of coding. Or you can hire a coder who can make this slot. This machine mechanism would not take more than 2 hours to complete the slot machine.

Felgo is the most common online tool used for making slot machines, they have their material for making slot machines. The more time you spend making the slot machine more mechanically accurate it will be, that is why learn the basics of the coding to handle the procedure well.

Use the right slot machine components for custom slot machines. The picture you will use should go according to the theme.

Non-coding based slots

People with no coding experience can make slot machines on simulators such as this website will help to create your slot machine on Android or Windows.

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